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.6 million homes and businesses still in the dark this evening. in new york city, police are out there enforcing an hov requirement if you want to drive your car into manhattan. in hoboken, new jersey, nearly 20,000 people stranded in their homes by flood waters. in large areas of the jersey coast are in ruins with homes, piers, board walks simply wreck. bruce johnson reports from a marina in atlantic highlands, new jersey, where sandy tossed around dozens of boats just like toys. >> reporter: i'm bruce johnson in highland, new jersey, another one of those small beach towns devastated by the storm. back over there, that's new york city. well what we want you to see is this way. you won't believe it. damage from this storm. millions of dollars in losses to these boats. big, small, luxury boats. working people, gone. >> it was rolling waves. and they were just both coming in, floating along everywhere. you didn't know which way they were coming from. just amazing. >> reporter: you are looking at more than 600 boats. both destroyed. you're looking at the harbor master here. the form
several looters. many are angry the mayor is going ahead with the new york city marathon which begins on staten island. >> we have to find some ways to express ourselves and show our solidarity. >> reporter: in manhattan gas lines stretched for blocks for cars and containers. >> if you've got to get gas, you've got to wait. >> reporter: passenger restrictions for cars are being lifted. the hole hand tunnel between new york and new jersey has reopened for commercial vehicles and buses. one of the biggest issues now facing the folks here in staten island is temperatures. tonight they are slated to dip into the 30s, and a lot of people that we're talking to right now are concerned they don't have any power and they're not sure how they're supposed to stay warm. reporting in staten island, back to you. >>> in new jersey more than a million and a half people are still without power, and cars are also lining up for miles. sandy interrupted fuel deliveries and supplies are running low everywhere. without power to run the pump, more than half the state's gas stations are closed. in atlantic c
life. i couldn't do it. i had to get home to my son. >> sandy left 40,000 people in new york city homeless. more than a million people in new york and new jersey still don't have power. and another storm is on its way. >> the storm could bring more flooding although thankfully not of the scale that sandy did. >> commuting is tough as people wait on long lines for buses, trains and ferries. most new york city schools reopened today for the first time since sandy hit. >> all afternoon we've heard the helicopters overhead and the national guard has now arrived on staten island. people here are happy there will be help and aid. back to you. >> you can imagine how long they've been waiting. thank you. >>> medical vans are arriving tomorrow providing care and distributing much needed prescription drugs to residents who remain in their homes. >> as the hardship continues, the giving continues here in the washington area. all kinds of people and organizations are doing what they can to help sandy's many victims. >> the support for this initiative has been spectacular. >> as president of a
, they are having trouble clearing out the flooded tunnels in and out of new york city. we'll take you there. >>> if congress doesn't stop the fiscal clip, get ready for half a million job losses in this area alone. i'm peggy fox. coming up, i'll show you how everyone feels the effects. >>> and the u.s. postal service gears up to give santa a helping hand during the holiday season. that's coming up next. >>> in tonight's consumer alert, amazon's wine business and wal-mart jump started black friday sales. but first some of santa's helpers kicked off the holiday delivery season. they want you to know that neither rain or snow or night will keep the mail service from delivering your holiday packages. they were decked out the friendship heights branch to announce this year's pick up and delivery service for the holidays. the postal service believes that there will be a record breaking year for door-to-door mailing and shipment. >> the postal service this year will deliver over 365 million packages this holiday season. and that is up 20%. over last year. >> and they said that they also expect mor
rationing started this morning for the 11 million people who live in new york city and long island, all this in the aftermath of sandy and, of course, this week's nor'easter. police officers are helping to enforce the new rule which requires cars to fuel up on alternating days. today only drivers whose plates ended in an odd number were allowed to buy gas. tomorrow will be the even numbered day and mayor mike bloomberg says the ration doing go on for a while. >> there will be shortages for possibly another couple weeks. >> i've been in line for hours before in odds and evens. now the line is only five minutes long. >> so maybe that's all working out. the nor'easter did temporarily knock out power at a terminal that pumps 4.5 million gallons of gas a day to new york city and long island. the gas crunch caused prices to jump more than 20 cents a gallon in that area. president obama will visit new york to get a look at the recovery from sandy next thursday. >>> we're hearing a firsthand account of frightening moments for some united states airlines passengers headed from denver to dulles.
are demanding answers. >>> just when new york city commuters started to think things were getting back to normal, two crashes shut down the lincoln tunnel for hours this morning. in one case about 20 people were hurt, at least two of them seriously when a new jersey transit bus slammed into a trailways bus. the crash happened during the morning rush hour on the new jersey side and then two hours later a bus and a truck collided also on the new jersey side. those delays lasted as long as three hours. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crashes. >>> in indianapolis investigators might have some new clues as to the cause of a deadly home explosion that happened over the weekend. the owner of the house says a faulty furnace may to be blame, but the gas company says it didn't get any calls about problems with the furnace. two people died in the blast saturday night. dozens of nearby homes were damaged or destroyed. in fact, this blast was so loud people living 3 miles away could hear it and the resulting fire burned for hours. so far utility crews have found no sign of a gas leak.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6